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Reflecting on the Art of Afternoon Tea

Looking out at Ellen, Mrs Doyle’s vintage caravan I am reflecting on how lonely she looks all tucked away and locked down like we all are. Weddings are other celebrations have been cancelled but Ellen remains prepped and ready to enhance your special event.

One of Ellen’s services is serving a welcome cup of tea to guests at a party or wedding, all from vintage china, of course. Indeed, having a cuppa has become part of everyday life for many but tea drinking but was once an expensive and luxury item. I read, it was Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford that invented the tradition of afternoon tea in 1840 as a way of bridging the gap between meals. Once she formed the habit, she found she could not break it and so the idea spread among her friends. By the 1880s, ladies were changing into long tea gowns festooned with lace and suitably loose-waisted for the occasion.

Love them or hate them, the typical afternoon tea must have cucumber sandwiches; thin, almost transparent discs of juicy cucumber in slim slices of crust-free bread. If serving afternoon tea on tiered cake stands (looks so pretty), the middle tier will have freshly made scrumptious scones with cream and jam. Finally, the top tier will have a handful of specially selected deserts.

I would urge anyone, who hasn’t enjoyed afternoon tea, you must. Savour every moment from the formality of the experience to the feast on the eyes that will appear in front of you. Sit back, relax and take it all in. It truly is a very special treat indeed and one that won’t break the bank.

Vintage cup and saucer with vibrant rose detail
Afternoon Tea Delights