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Many people ask me about the name of my business, Mrs Doyle’s Vintage.  I often get the obvious ‘ah go on, you will..’ – that well-known phrase used by the infamous Mrs Doyle from the Fr. Ted series.  Well, I suppose that is one small connection because, as we all know, she loved the cup of tea.  However, there is another little story behind the name which is closer to my heart.  My mum’s name was, in fact, Ellen Doyle, a lady born in a little place called Fourhane, outside Listowel, Co. Kerry and a place I visited often as a child.  Listowel and Fourhane – locations that hold a special place in my heart and where there many fond memories were made by me with my cousins.  Honestly…my mum is my true inspiration for my little vintage business and my newly restored 1976 Alpine Sprite is aptly named Ellen.  Sadly, my mum lost her short battle to cancer almost 13 years ago – the most kind, loving and wonderful woman with the most infectious laugh. People say I am her image and I have inherited her laugh – I am honoured.  She was a mum of 2 but a mother-figure to many more.  She took many under her wing and gave generously of her time and affection always.  I often wonder what mum would think of my vintage endeavours.  I smile and think of her joining me on my road trips to events, vintage china set-ups and imagine her standing behind a table at the many craft and gift fairs I have attended over the past few years.  I can see her now, chatting to anyone and everyone she’d meet – always with a tale to tell and, equally, an ear to listen. So…for me….every time I set foot in my lovely Ellen, I am reminded of my mum – her spirit, her fun, her smile and her warmth.  I do hope she will bring many smiles to those she will meet and that she will help make memories for years to come.